Qualified Appointment Setting

At The Protel Group, we convert prospects into sales-ready appointments by assigning prospect managers to each client. Each prospect manager makes over 600 calls per week. By assigning dedicated teams to set the appointments for your company or campaign, we are able to provide you with all of the benefits of a having a full-time sales team in your corner—minus the costs associated with training, managing, and measuring the performance of in-house employees.

With Protel, you get all of the appointments you need, and take on none of the burdens normally associated with the appointment setting process. If you require services beyond appointment setting, we can even push prospects through the sales funnel and close sales on your behalf.


  • Qualified appointments that yield a high return on investment
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Access to high-level marketing intelligence, including information on prospects’ current need, competitor information, and market trends
  • High appointment-to-sale conversion rates
  • Ability to keep your sales team selling rather than cold calling
  • Ability to scale campaigns up or down based on needs
  • A closed-loop feedback process and reporting that confirms return on investment